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Biology Fieldwork

Field study courses can be tailored to your individual needs. To help you with your planning, we have provided a link to our most popular and successful biology fieldwork studies.
Biology Field Studies in Barcelona

Kite Diagrams Maker

Kite charts can be created online with our Kite Diagrams Maker to show changes in distribution and frequency for any data entities along a transect. The frequency is shown by shaded areas, sized by quantity, to help identify the relationships between different observations. Enter the number of different entities and sampling points, followed by the raw data values. Options include colour customisation and data entity labelling. An image of the kites made can be downloaded.

Kite Diagrams Any Data Entities Example

Student Support

We offer a wide range of resources to support biology and ecology investigations. These resources are in constant update and are password-protected.

Sand Dune Investigations

These investigations cover the abiotic variables and distribution and abundance of plant species from the pioneer zone to climax community. The impact of human activity can also be studied, together with the variations in biodiversity between managed and unmanaged dunes, and the effectiveness of dune management schemes. Contrasts may be drawn with the protected sand dunes at the nearby Llobregat Delta Nature Reserve.
Sand Dune Profile Creator and Calculator
Geography field studies
Barcelona: Inner City 22@ High Tech Zone
Barcelona: Inner City 22@ High Tech Zone
Xaverian College U6 Geography Revision January 2018
Xaverian College U6 Geography January 2018
Ecology field studies
Sampling for macroinvertebrates

Who are we?

Barcelona Field Studies Centre offers fully inclusive Biology, Geography, Geology, Ecology, Environmental and Tourism field study courses to U.K. and International schools and colleges throughout the year in an outstanding geographical environment. Field Study Centre information

Why Barcelona?

The Barcelona area offers a range of settings for biology fieldwork unrivalled in Europe. Field study sites include the limestone landscapes of the Garraf and Montserrat Natural Parks, the wetlands of the Ebro Delta, the alpine landscape of Montseny, the volcanic scenery of Garrotxa Volcanic Park, the glacial topography of the Vall de NĂºria and the Banyoles karstic lake system.
Biology Fieldwork Locations


We offer a variety of accommodation options for groups attending our field study courses. The Artur Martorell Rural Lodge in Calafell has purpose-built facilities and accommodation for educational study group and lies at the lower end of the budget range. Many groups prefer hotel accommodation, and the Hotel Piccadilly located in Sitges, one of Spain's most attractive, cosmopolitan and prestigious resorts, is a very popular choice. Accommodation

Ecology Study Options

Field study options are available related to marine, freshwater, and terrestrial ecosystems, the major nutrient and metabolic cycles, and distinctive plant and animal communities.
Ecology field study options